The living room is arguably the most used room in the home, gathering all sorts of germs as well as a lot of dust and allergens that can start to settle if not cleaned frequently. Here’s Pine O Cleen’s guide to looking after your living room, so that it’s clean, freshened and disinfected for you and your guests. Remember to always read the label and follow instructions for use.

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How to clean a living room checklist

Want to ensure your living room is as clean and tidy as can be? Take a look at our checklist below for all the tips and tricks you need.

How to clean your soft surfaces

Soft surfaces such as your couch and throw pillows are hotspots for dust mites. We would recommend running your vacuum over any areas you can to pick up as many dust mites as possible. If you have fabric sofas that can be machine washed, you can use a laundry sanitiser such as Pine O Cleen Laundry Sanitiser.

How to wipe down the TV remote and other electronic devices

As your TV remote is passed around your living room from person to person, so are the germs that lurk on its surface. Simply wipe it down with a Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipe.




  • Disconnect or remove its batteries.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove all dust and crumbs.
  • Wipe the surface with a Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipe.

How to wipe down hard, non-porous surfaces

We all love ‘stuff’. The thing is, however, the more stuff we have, the more places for germs to settle. By keeping things organised, and reducing clutter, there will be less for you to wipe down when it comes to cleaning day.

For most surfaces that are hard and non-porous, Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipes can be used and will leave behind a pleasant scent. They are particularly handy for going over the things that we touch every day, such as doorknobs, shelves and other living room surfaces. Simply use a fresh wipe to pre-clean the surface then use enough fresh wipes to thoroughly wet the surface for disinfection.

How to disinfect floors

One of the best ways to decrease the number of germs that are brought into your home is to take your shoes off. Microbiologist Charles Gerba conducted a study that suggests there is a common occurrence (96%) of coliform and E.coli on our shoes1. This suggests there is a high chance that fecal matter is being trodden through our home, which can be extremely dangerous – particularly if we have a baby that is still at the crawling stage!


When it comes to cleaning your living room floor, you should spend extra time to vacuum under surfaces and behind the sofa as these areas can collect a lot of dust over time. To clean and disinfect it too, use Pine O Cleen Antibacterial Floor Cleaner.


Please note: Always use Pine O Cleen products as directed on the label.


There you have it. Next time you want to chill on your couch, flick through the TV channels or play with your baby on the floor, set yourself at ease by ensuring you have cleaned and disinfected the essential areas of your living room.



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