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  • Pine O Cleen disinfectant products can kill 99.9% of germs/bacteria such as E.coli, S.aureus and Salmonella, as they contain active substances with bactericidal activity. To confirm the level of the product efficacy, our products have been tested according to appropriate Australian standards.

    *Refer to label for the list of bacteria

  • If your trigger is not working, an air lock could be causing the problem. In order to release any air trapped in your spray’s tube, follow these steps:

    1. Place your spray product over a sink
    2. Turn the trigger so it is in the ‘Off’ position
    3. Pull the trigger back, then release it
    4. Repeat this pumping motion slowly
    5. Turn the trigger so it is in the ‘On’ position
    6. Use as normal

    Please contact our customer service team if it still doesn’t work, reach us at:

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    Australia: 1800 022 046

    New Zealand: 0800 403 030

    Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 5pm

    Eastern Australia Time (for Australian and New Zealand residents only)

  • Pine O Cleen has built significant reputation in being effective at eliminating 99.9% of germs such as E.coli, S.aureus and Salmonella. Our key disinfectant products have been tested by an independent specialist laboratory, in line with the appropriate international standards. Specific Pine O Cleen products have been shown to be effective against the COVID-19 virus, when they are used according to on-pack instruction. These have the relevant Australian regulatory approval and are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) for use against the COVID-19 Virus.

  • Regarding the disinfection of surfaces, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/WHO advice is to:

    • Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.
    • If surfaces are dirty, clean them. Use detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection.

    Contact your Local Health Authority for more information.

    Specific products such as the Pine O Cleen Hospital Grade Disinfectant Liquid can be used to kill the COVID-19 virus on a variety of hard surfaces around the home, like floors, sinks and benchtops. You'll find more detail on suitable surfaces on the label, so be sure to give it a read and follow the directions for use.

  • Some Pine O Cleen products may need you to rinse thoroughly after use. To find out if your product requires this, please visit its product description page or refer to the label at the back of the pack.

  • Pine O Cleen should not be used directly on food or to disinfect your hands. Make sure you follow the on-pack instructions and use the product as intended. For guidance on disinfecting hands and food, it is best to consult the guidelines from the World Health Organisation or the Australian Department of Health so you can be sure you have the latest information. If you have any additional concerns, please contact your healthcare provider or ring the national Coronavirus Health Information Hotline on 1800 020 080.

  • To make sure you’re using your Pine O Cleen product at its most effective, read and follow the instructions found on the label. For more, check out its product page on our website or our helpful articles for cleaning tips and tricks.

  • Pine O Cleen is recommended for most hard, non-porous surfaces in your home such as kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, rubbish bins and more. Please always follow the instruction on the label before using any of our products. Areas Pine O Cleen is not recommended for include use on brass, copper or aluminium or painted wood surfaces. Make sure you rinse toys or surfaces that directly contact food with potable water after using Pine O Cleen.

  • If you would like to know if your Pine O Cleen product contains bleach, please refer to the ingredient information on the product label.

  • Pine O Cleen’s Simply Biodegradable Multipurpose Disinfectant Wipes are made from 100% natural fibres and have been tested based on EN 13432.

  • At Pine O Cleen, we prioritise the safety of our products for your use. If you would like to access the Material Safety Data Sheet for our products, please refer to here.

  • When Pine O Cleen products are correctly used, they can be used around pets. That being said, pets should not be allowed to lick or walk over surfaces that are wet and freshly disinfected. Always read the label and product information and use only as instructed.

  • Pine O Cleen has some products that are appropriate for cleaning children’s equipment. However, equipment should be thoroughly rinsed with water after disinfection using Pine O Cleen products. Please refer to the product description for your specific product and the directions on the label to learn more.

  • We strongly encourage for our consumers to recycle product packaging where possible.

  • All Pine O Cleen wipes should not be flushed down your toilet as this may result in blockages to not only your home drainage, but also your country’s sewers. Instead, we recommend that you dispose of your wipes in a composting bin if it has been used for food spillages or in your general rubbish bin for anything else.

  • Pine O Cleen products are available through our retail partners at their physical locations or through their online retail platforms. Currently, our products are not available for purchase directly from our website. To find out more, please visit our Where to Buy page.

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