Did you know:

  • 80% of people living in Australia have experienced disasters like flooding, heatwave, or drought in the last five years2
  • 21% of people still experience PTSD, depression, or stress after the 2009 Victorian bushfires2
  • $5 billion: the estimated insurance damages of the 2022 east-coast floods2
  • 83% of Australians worry more bushfires, floods, and droughts are on the way2

Our Mission

Australians have been turning to Pine O Cleen as experts in cleaning up messes for over 70 years. As the official hygiene partner of the Australian Red Cross, we are helping to support Australians before, during and after disaster strikes.

About Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross has been helping people before, during and after disaster for over a century. Interest in major disasters is often at the peak during the onset of the event but event but it wanes relatively quickly as time passes.

The reality is that for individuals and communities, the fall out is experienced for months, years and even decades on.


Australian Red Cross works with partners to ensure long-term support in disaster-affected communities for several years after the event, and often, long after funding has run out.

Working Together for Australia

As the official hygiene partner of Australian Red Cross, Pine O Cleen is supporting the clean-up of communities through the ‘Cleen Up Program.’  Our partnership supports through financial aid and product donations to help individuals, communities, and volunteers after disaster-strikes and during recovery.

The ‘Cleen Up Program’ helps by:

  • Supporting nearly 1,7001 Australian Red Cross Emergency staff and volunteers
  • Sending cleaning and hygiene products directly to communities to help minimise the impacts of flooding on homes and community spaces
  • A total donation of up to $300,000 over three years of our partnership

Journey to Recovery

Disasters take an emotional, psychological, financial, and economic toll on people and communities.


Hear from community members and recovery officers impacted by disasters and the work of Australian Red Cross event but it wanes relatively quickly as time passes.

Fleur and Ron’s Story

Fleur and her husband, Ron, had not long moved to the tiny town of Dallarnil in Queensland before it was suddenly struck by successive floods in 2022. The project had only just got underway when tsunami-like floodwaters inundated the town, destroying many of their possessions and leaving them without shelter.

Australian Red Cross directed services and funds after emergency services left the area and remain in contact with the pair to ensure they have the resources and support needed to continue through recovery.

Mark’s Story

Mark is a garlic farmer from Bungawalbin and was rescued in the 2022 floods. He contacted Australian Red Cross wanting to donate reconditioned pushbikes to flood impacted people. He didn’t mention at the time that he was also flood impacted.


Australian Red Cross supported Mark with ongoing recovery assistance to help manage his business and the ongoing personal impacts of the floods..