Once you become a parent, it’s easy for “me-time” to end up at the bottom of your to-do list. With working, looking after your baby, feeding, shopping and house cleaning to do, finding time for yourself can take a backseat. It’s important to remember that being a parent in itself is a full-time job, and just like every other job, you need to take a break to recharge your batteries. While your house won’t clean itself, these house cleaning tips will help streamline your household cleaning to ensure you can squeeze some “me-time” into your day.

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Schedule it

Know what you need to get done to stay on track throughout the week. If Sunday is your rest day (or the closest thing to it), take a moment to set a schedule for the week. Stick to the schedule as best you can, but don’t get stressed if you fall a little behind—this usually just means you spent some valuable time tending to your little one.

Keep cleanliness within reach

You’ll come to know which areas are most frequently in need of a quick pick-up. Keep the household cleaning products you know you’re going to need nearby, so that you’re able to knock these spots off of the list when you get a spare second or when it makes sense to take care of it.


Tuck a packet of disinfectant wipes away in each room for convenient house cleaning and touch-ups throughout the week. When you have a few minutes to spare, you can wipe down the kitchen work tops, cabinets, windowsills or any shelves.


For instance, put a container of Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipes near your home changing station (out of reach of children) or on a high shelf near where your child# plays with (and leaves) their toys, so that you’re always ready to help fight germs. A quick wipe of the toys, followed by a rinse, and they’re all set to be played with again. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

Minimise clutter

Minimising the clutter in your home is an essential house-cleaning tip and makes house cleaning more efficient. Keep surfaces and counters as clear as possible so you won’t waste time moving objects around and putting them back. This way, you can quickly wipe surfaces down with a disinfectant wipe or disinfectant cleaner. Get into good habits of putting things away once you finish with them, and throw any toys from the floor into an unused laundry basket, to make vacuuming or mopping the floor much quicker, too.

Work together

Delegate tasks for maximum efficiency. There’s always going to be a mountain of tasks to take care of once the baby has arrived. Having your partner or children involved will make sure the cleaning is done in a fraction of the time. You can assign easier jobs for the kids like picking up toys or, for older children, dusting and wiping the table after dinner.

Choose the right cleaning products

Choosing the right cleaning products can make a big difference to your house cleaning routine. Multi-purpose cleaners can help streamline your household cleaning, helping you save time from hunting around for different products. When used as directed, Pine O Cleen Multipurpose Cleaner kills 99.9% germs/bacteria^ as per the label, and can be used to clean hard surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom sinks and the high chairs of children over 12 months.*


<^E.coli, Salmonella

*Rinse all food contact surfaces and toys with potable water after use.

Clean top to bottom

It’s a good idea to clean each room from top to bottom, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. This way, if dust or debris is knocked onto the floor as you clean the surfaces, it can all be swept up together afterwards. Save the sinks until the end – in case you need to rinse your hands – and clean the floor using Pine O Cleen Antibacterial Floor Cleaner. Logically thinking through the order you do your house cleaning will speed things up so you have more time to spend on yourself.


Getting used to having a new baby at home can be tiring and it takes some time to find your rhythm. Hopefully, by using some of the house cleaning tips above, you will be able to speed up your house cleaning routine so that you can enjoy a little more time for yourself.


#Children over 12 months

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