The amount of time we spend in our bedrooms combined with the fact they tend to be decorated with soft furnishings means they can be a haven for dirt and bacteria. Follow our tips for how to clean a bedroom with Pine O Cleen.

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Cleaning your bedsheets and pillowcases

There’s nothing better than diving into fresh, clean bedding, but not everyone loves cleaning their sheets. When we spend so much time in our beds however, our beds can become a hothouse for skin cells, sweat and therefore bacteria.


What’s more, cleaning our bedding with detergent doesn’t always remove germs like we may think. For this, use a laundry sanitiser such as Pine O Cleen Laundry Sanitiser, which removes 99.9% of bacteria^.


^ E. coli, S. aureus

Wiping down hard surfaces

If you need to know how to clean your bedroom quickly, keep some Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipes nearby for dusty surfaces. Use them to go over your bedside tables, shelves and window sills when necessary. You can also use them to disinfect handles and doorknobs.

Cleaning toys

If you’re cleaning a child’s bedroom, you’ll likely find that it is littered with toys. Though these can make your little one happy, they can also be a breeding ground for germs.

Cleaning floors

When it comes to cleaning your floor, spend extra time vacuuming under the bed as well as behind furniture that could have collected a lot of dust over time. For your floors, you should try to clean every week or so in order to get rid of the dust and germs that gather. To sanitise and disinfect it too, use Pine O Cleen Antibacterial Floor Cleaner.

Please note: Always use Pine O Cleen products as directed on the label.


Our bedrooms should be a happy place to retreat to and relax. Make sure that yours is not only pleasant to look at, but cleaned from dust, germs and dirt with a little help from Pine O Cleen.

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