Check your kitchen sponge

Hands down, the humble kitchen sponge is one of the germy spots in your home. Some of the common methods for disinfecting sponges include soaking in lemon juice, bleach, or vinegar. Ideally, you should remember to replace it with a fresh one at least every two weeks.

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Shedding light on switches, handles, and knobs

How many times every day does someone in your family turn a light on or off, open or close a door, or grab something out of the fridge or cabinet? This is one of the small places you get around the home with high germ concentrations that no one ever thinks to clean. There’s an easy solution. Simply wipe down these high-traffic areas with Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Wipes each day to help prevent the spread of germs and help maintain a hygienic home.

The enemy in your electronics

Perhaps more so than doorknobs and light switches, many people don’t think about how much contact is made with remote controls, computer keyboards, and most importantly, mobile phones. The good news is that ridding your household of these germs is just as easy as cleaning knobs and switches. Simply wipe the surfaces of remotes, keyboards, and mobile phones with disinfecting wipes, and you can happily type and talk away. Please remember to read pack instructions before using on electronics.


With a little smart sleuthing, you can force even the sneakiest germs out of these spots for a hygienic home.

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